Can You Freeze Chorizo?

More than any other question, we get asked whether you can freeze chorizo.  Here's the definitive answer.

Ok, to start off with, it's not so simple.  The quick answer is: yes and no.

Now the long version.

It really depends on what type of chorizo you're talking about - cured or fresh.

When customers are looking for chorizo, often the first question we ask is whether they want cured or fresh chorizo.  In general terms, cured chorizo has been aged/dried for more than a month and has a much firmer texture and more developed taste.  This type of chorizo is generally meant for slicing and eating without cooking.

Fresh chorizo, on the other hand, will either have no curing time, or a minimal amount - normal less than seven days.  This results in a much softer texture and a chorizo that needs to be cooked before eating.

The problem is that there is a significant grey area between these two ends of the spectrum.  Some of the chorizo we sell is described as 'semi-cured', which means it will normally have around 15 days of curation, resulting in a texture that is firmer than a purely 'fresh' chorizo, but softer than a cured one - and it still needs to be cooked before eating.  Then there are nominally 'cured' chorizos that are still quite soft and could conceivably be used for cooking, but could still be sliced and eaten as is.

Our standard advice is that fresh and semi-cured chorizo can be frozen effectively.  To this I would add any 'cured' chorizo that is still fairly soft.  However, I personally wouldn't bother freezing any cured chorizo.  It can be kept almost indefinitely in the fridge - just wrap it in a kitchen towel and don't worry about the occasional bit of mould that might develop on it (due to the humid conditions in the fridge) - just wipe it off and enjoy.  The chorizo will gradually dry out and 'naturally' cure, but will be all the better for it!

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