Stock Availability

We stock over 500 products from all over Spain - mainly food, but also a range of cooking and serving products. Our aim is to have everything in stock on a regular basis, which it is a pretty difficult task, but we can confidently say that we do get a 98% there. 

On the case of something being out of stock, normally new stock would be already on the way and due in with us within then next week or so, as due to our fast turnaround of produce, we get fresh deliveries in from Spain on a weekly basis, so the stock is constantly being replenished.

If you are unable to wait for the new lot to come in, alternatively we could probably offer you a similar product, or the same product in a different format, to cover you up meanwhile. We have quite a wide range of products and formats so we tend to have similar products to offer as substitutions. 

The stock on our site is live, so you would be able to buy products only if they are in stock, you would be able in fact to see the quantity available so this is pretty straight forward, you can see what we have and what we don't. 

If something is not in stock, normally, you would not be able to order it.  Sometimes we allow products to be reserved, but in those cases you would see a notice saying that they are not in stock and you are reserving it. But as a general rule, you can only buy products that we have available for next day dispatch. 

You can see the stock availability of each product, on the product page, after the product details, just underneath the price and "add to cart" button. 

  • When the product is in stock you would be able to see the exact quantity available there, and the estimated delivery time if you would to place the order then. 
  • If the product is out of stock, then the "add to cart" button would disappear and instead you will see a message saying that the product is out of stock. 
  • When the product is not available, you will get a message as well saying when is the expected re-stocking date. That means that the product has already being ordered and its on the way to us, and you will see the date that it is due to be with us. 
  • In the case that the stock has not been ordered yet, and therefore we don't have a due in date stablished yet, then you will see an empty space there, and no date shown. In those cases you could get in contact with us at [email protected] and we would be able to give you at least an approximate ETA or any other relevant information. 

If you are looking to buy a significant quantity of one reference, one off order maybe for an special event and you do need the stock for a fix deadline, you could always contact us in advance by email or phone and let us know, so we can reserve it for you or get it for you, in the case that we don't have enough currently in stock. We could get fresh stock for any specials orders, normally, within 2 weeks notice. 

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